• June 13, 2021 11:25 am
  • Kolkata, West Bengal, India
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Mr. Rajiv Kumar Paul the originator of M/S Bawarchi, initiated his journey from Hindusthan Concern and he took over the legacy to a new arena of modern multi-cuisine restaurant to embark on the livelihood of food lovers. Enlarging on new thoughts and ideas, the Young entrepreneur Mr. Paul began to fulfill his dreams with modern traditional food dinning. He has always believed that “The Key secret to success is based on D-4 formula which includes dedication, determination, discipline and devotion” and without all these four components one can never achieve any success. In the early stage, Mr. Paul started with a range of fast food items in a small outlet located at Jadavpur CIT market complex, in competition with the best restaurants in Kolkata for dinner and with an intention to attract the young crowd studying at Jadavpur University and other residents in the nearby area.

In the initial days of inception, the restaurant created a revolution on varieties of rolls, offering best Indian dishes in Kolkata. The outlet also achieved an exposure in Hindusthan Times under the title of “ROLL REVOLUTION IN CALCUTTA”, for providing the best rolls in Kolkata.

Eventually, when the small fast food outlet started running amicably amongst the city dwellers of Kolkata, Mr. Paul decided to expand the small outlet into a Fine-Dining Restaurant, with an intention to deliver best food in Kolkata, where the customer could sit and enjoy their food blissfully, with a service on demand of the customers.

58/1, Central Road, Jadavpur, Kolkata – 700032
+91 33 2414 9486 / +91 6289017175 / +91 9830478769
E-mail: info@bawarchionline.com

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