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Allahabad Bank Employees’ Co-operative Credit Society Ltd.

The earlier concept of Holiday Home was Guest House type accommodation with caretaker and kitchen facility in tourist places, where people could enjoy their long vacation by spending less money as compared to hotel tariff. In pursuant with this, in Nineties, we had our Holiday Home in Shimultala. Now a days, as a result of socio-economic reforms, the earlier concept has been changed. As a co-operative society, our aim is to provide secured but economic and budget type accommodation in different hotels in various tourist spots of India with moderate and reasonable as well as lower rate than that of Holtel’s Tariff Chart. Any budget-concious tourist can avail this facility. Nevertheless, we are still maitaining earlier type holiday home with kitchen facility in Puri only.


ALLAHABAD BANK EMPLOYEES’ CO-OPERATIVE CREDIT SOCIETY LTD. took birth in 1990 with the primary objective of ‘Self-help and ‘mutual aid’ among its members through exercise of thrift and saving for creating funds for lending.

Of the members, by the members and for the members, the Allahabad Bank Employees’ Co-operative Credit Society Ltd. (ABECCS Ltd.) has been trying, since its birth, to follow the principles of voluntary participation, self-administration, self-reliance, democracy, transparency, acquisition of knowledge and training and working in unison with other Co-operatives for the valued causes of Co-operative movement.


The presently-gleaming organisation with an aureole around it, however, had a very humble start and a humble past to which we should always have a respectful remembrance.

The Director of the First Board of the New-born Organisation (ABECCS Ltd.) and their performances

Directors of the Board formed in 1990

1. Dipak Bhattacharyya Chairman
2. Moloy Ghosh Vice-Chairman
3. Sasanka Chakraborty Secretary
4. Goutam Chatterjee Treasurer
5. Anil Dutta Director
6. Dulal Ch. Das Director
7. Shekhar Bhattacharjee Director
8. Ashoke Das Director
9. Amit Chatterjee Director

In the starting year the membership strength of ABECCS Ltd. was 576 on 30.06.91 while the total amount of Thrift Fund collected was Rs.1,10,805.50 on 30.06.1991, Share Capital was Rs.4,78,200.00 on 30.06.1991, total amount of Rs.7,90,781.65 on 30.06.1991 were disbursed to members as loan during that initial year. After the first year net profit stood at Rs.47,514.15 on 30.06.1991 and the members were allowed 6% of their Share Value as Dividend.

Since its birth in the last decade of the past century ABECCS Ltd. had witnessed a steady progress all around. In March, 2000 the membership strength of the organisation crossed the mark of 1500 and since then the Annual General Meetings were being represented by the Delegates elected by the members from various constituencies. Thus the Board of Directors are now being elected from amongst the Delegates elected by the members after every three years as per the prevailing rules/norms of the co-operative society Act.

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ALLAHABAD BANK EMPLOYEES CO-OPERATIVE CREDIT SOCIETY LTD. Address: 14, India Exchange Place ( 1st Floor ), Kolkata – 700 001 Telephone : 2242-0559 / 2262-2179 Between 5.15 P.M. to 6.15 P.M. E-Mail : abecooperative@gmail.com,Kolkata,West Bengal,India

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